Tuesday, 29 April 2014

After all this time?

Ahhh! It was super windy when I took these pictures, so sorry about my weird expressions and hair flying everywhere! If I could control the weather, I would.

The one thing I can say about this skirt is that it's very very pink. The lovely lady in Lush did compliment me on it, though, which made me feel slightly better about being incredibly conspicuous.

And the heels. Oh my goodness, I'm so proud of the bargain I got them for. They retailed at £27.99, and with 20% Student Discount on top of the sale price, I ended up paying £5.60.  Definitely an investment and I love the gold heel.

Skirt: Primark
Sweater: New Look
Heels: New Look
Necklace: ASOS
Bracelet: ASOS

 "After all this time?"
"Always" said Snape."

This bracelet is one of my favourite things. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I have a massive soft spot for Snape. The "Always." gets me every time I read it. Does anyone else get far too emotionally invested in fictional characters?


  1. The colour on that skirt is so pretty!!
    Gotta love a bit of Harry Potter as well haha! I can't think of the word 'always' without thinking of Harry Potter now!

  2. You look so cute in this pink skirt! And it was good purchase to buying these shoes - they're amazing!